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Right now, the only part you care about is the one you don't have.

So go ahead, "Ask the guys at Murdock."

We've fielded a lot of questions since we opened our doors more than 95 years ago. And today we are just as grateful as to provide answers to these questions. That is why our average employee has been with us for more than 15 years because you just simply can't replace experience.

The people behind the parts

You just won't find more expertise under one roof than at Murdock. More than half of all our employees have at least 15 years of experience in their respective field.

 Learn more about our history and how we grew to who we are now.


But parts are just part of the story

Tap our expertise in hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies. Let us verify the right component parts and equipment. Access our conveyor and elevator belting expertise. Power up with drives, V-belts and sheaves, roller chain and sprockets, as well as gear reducers and shaft couplings. Or call us with issues on your electric motors. When you've been open for business since 1921, that's just for starters.


Now we are in 4 different locations

We would like to think that at Murdock, we're not just a place that sell parts, we're people who solve problems. With the passage of time comes the expansion of our business. With 3 locations in Kansas and a store in Enid, Oklahoma, we will be able to serve our prospective customers with what they require and need in more areas. Message us now or call us on your inquiries using the phone numbers listed below for these locations respectively:

Wichita, KS


Hutchinson, KS


McPherson, KS


Enid, OK


Part Of Our Warehouse

Now let's get you started. What are you looking for?