Murdock Industrial

YG-1 Cutting Tools

YG-1 offers premium quality conventional and hi-tech end mills in HSS, cobalt, powder metal and carbide (coated and uncoated). Not only does YG-1 produce end mills, they offer twist drills, spade drill inserts, bodies, carbide coolant thru drills, standard aircraft and twist drills, thread mills, taps, rotary tooling and accessories. YG-1 has also opened a U.S. tech center/manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC and has a sales representatives who resides here in Wichita and works closely with Murdock Companies and our customers.

Murdock has been selling the broad spectrum of YG-1 tools for many years click HERE to view online catalogs.

For more information on YG-1 Cutting Tools,click HERE to visit their YouTube